Pricing and Services

"I am continually working to gain additional certifications so please contact me if I do not currently offer a service that you may need. I vow to continue my education on all Inspection methods and building trends that are being used today."

--Inspector butts


Residential Inspection

  • Home up to 2000 sq ft    $350.00
  • Call for pricing on homes over 2000 sq ft
  • Crawlspace add $50.00
  • Unfinished basement add $25.00
  • All inspections will utilize all tools available to me on the day of inspection                             including; Thermal Imaging, I use a FLIR C2 TIC, video capture of crawlspace for a full tour of inside the crawl from the comfort of your living room, Drone aerial video of the property, roof and inaccessible areas. (Note, drone footage is pending FAA licensing requirements and should be available Mid-Feb 2018) 

Maintenance and Pre Listing Inspection

Getting ready to list your home? Looking to find out what is going on with your home but don't want the "FREE" estimate? This is the service for you. A comprehensive inspection designed to help you know what is going on with your home, along with recommendations for any findings. Inspections start at $250.00 for up to 2000 square foot. Call for pricing over 2000 square foot. 660-372-1415

Foundation analysis

For the homeowner or potential homeowner of a home with structural concerns. A detailed inspection and report, benchmarking of the homes current position and a written explanation of the cause. education concerning the correction methods on the market today. 

add $200.00 for homes up to 2000 sq ft

Call for pricing on homes above 2000 sq ft

Thermal Imaging analysis

Thermal imaging camera will be used to detect heat loss/gain to improve the homes energy efficiency. Full report and recommendations included.

Ala carte up to 2000 sq ft  $150.00

Call for pricing on homes over 2000 sq ft